Each janitorial job created with American Dream Clean delivers about $2 million dollars in social impact!

Social Impact of American Dream Clean

American Dream Clean ensures that the school-aged children of our employees have a path to college and the career of their choosing, thus creating significant improvements to the communities in which our customers operate ("social profits"). American Dream Clean is unique in creating social profits for our customers, so the tools and methods below are designed to aid our customers in calculating the social profits they will help create by partnering with American Dream Clean.

On Calculating Expected Social Returns for Your Organization​:

  • Estimate how many people will benefit - this is simply the total number of school-aged children of the cleaning staff needed to clean your facilities.

  • The school-aged kids of our employees would statistically have a less than 10% chance at obtaining a college degree. We think our educational mission and engagement with families raises the odds to over 80%. But we leave it to you to make whatever assumptions you think are most sensible.

  • Additional life time earnings for our employees' kids are probably the most direct and easy to measure of the social profits you enable. We know that on balance a college education translates to about $1,000,000 in additional life time earnings

  • The ripple effects from a college education are far broader than just the income gains. A college degree correlates with higher life satisfaction, increased citizenship, longer lifespans, less drain on public/government resources, and a range of other positive social indicators. These indirect effects contribute roughly an additional 30% and add to to the total social profits you create partnering with American Dream Clean.

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