American Dream Clean - Education Mission

The problem

As a mission-driven janitorial services firm, American Dream Clean is committed to making a dent in the problem of unequal access to educational opportunities for lower income and minority folks, which systematically keeps them off-track for college and prosperous careers. The problem, which is commonly referred to as the "achievement gap," is severe and widespread across the country--of the 15 million school-aged kids presently living in poverty, more than 13 million of them are projected not to earn a college degree. The social costs are quite devastating--McKinsey estimated eliminating the achievement gap would add 3-5% to US GDP, but perhaps more importantly the moral tragedy of not giving certain kids the preparation they need to have a fair shot at a good life demands our attention.

the Root causes

Why does our education system look so similar to the way it did 50 years ago? Millions of students were failing then, as they are now -- and it's because we're clinging to an education model that doesn't work. Education advocate Geoffrey Canada dares the system to look at the data, think about the students and make systematic shifts in order to help greater numbers of kids excel.

solutions: paths to college & career

While at-risk kids face challenges, we know a lot about what works to create a successful future for them.

Studies show that tutors working in what's known as a "mastery-based" learning model produce huge gains in learning. Tutors are usually only affordable for wealthier families and seem out of reach, but all the children of our employees have access to oustanding tutors who can move the academic needle.
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Resources for Families

Take Action!

Cases to build families' understanding and ability to achieve their education dreams for their children...

Some parental behavior has a huge impact on whether or not a child will succeed in school and later in life. You have the power to improve your children's outcomes! Click the image to learn more...