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American Dream Clean - Business
American Dream Clean - Business

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Education Mission

Education Mission
Education Mission

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American Dream Clean

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American Dream Clean and the Wider Context

Our Positive Impact for Families & Communities

We are a mission-driven janitorial services company. We think the best businesses like ours have a role in delivering excellence and value for customers while also serving a higher purpose and making a difference. Our mission is to deliver both excellent cleaning services to clients and pathways to college/career for our employees' families. Isn't this is a vision that your organization can support?


Our video helps bring to life the symbiotic relationship between our cleaning business and our education mission. You'll see the impact we're having for one of our employees, Taichi, and her daughter Kiki. You'll see how that translates to Taichi delivering radically great results for our customers at the Connecticut Food Bank. Paul O’Leary, COO of Connecticut Food Bank, puts it simply and elegantly when he says American Dream Clean is “more than just a cleaning service.”

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