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American Dream Clean - Business

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Education Mission
Education Mission

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Meaningful Relationships at American Dream Clean

Do you think Freud got it right that life's striving is fundamentally about having meaningful work and meaningful relationships? That's how we see things at American Dream Clean. We give our employees good jobs and an opportunity to do rewarding work for our clients every day. At the same time, our commitment to a better future for our employees' families builds fulfilling relationships between us and infuses our hard work with deeper purpose.


For example, our employee Keila sent us a note expressing how she feels about her relationship with American Dream Clean noting “I seriously do not have enough words to express my gratitude … you really help me grow … you have gone out of your way to lend a helping hand.”

Keila Meaningful Relationships & American Dream Clean

Or take Tim, who has been such a treasure as an employee and as someone maximizing the educational resources we provide for his children. We've built such a tight bond that Tim and his family that they wanted to share their experiences with our broader community of partners, clients, etc.:

Positve Impact from American Dream Clean for the Sanchezes

Wouldn't it be a joy for us to partner in providing janitorial services and wouldn't it be rewarding to both of us to know that our partnership would provide such meaningful opportunities and relationships? Let's talk and explore further...

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