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Katherine Chi

"I’ve had the phenomenal opportunity to tutor ... it's been a great way to give back to my community."

American Dream Clean Tutor Katherine Chi, Bowdoin College Class of 2019

"Hi everyone! My name is Katherine, and I am a Pre-Med student studying Sociology and English at Bowdoin College—which is also JP’s alma mater! I am interested in learning about social institutions and how to better improve healthcare and socioeconomic disparity in America.


A bit about me—I was born in New Haven, CT, and I am also the first in my family to attend college. My brother and I were raised by our single mother who worked over 80 hours a week to support us. From my mother’s resilience and everyone who has helped influence me along the way, I’ve learned to value kindness and compassion, humility, and of course, my education. I hope to better society in the future and pass on the same generosity others have shown me. 


I am grateful to have had such wonderful experiences volunteering and working with children. I've been a classroom teaching assistant, a literacy tutor for inner city students, a one-on-one private tutor, and a summer workshop leader. I am also fortunate to have worked abroad. I taught English in Ghana and Thailand, and I worked in Puerto Rico where I taught chemistry and encouraged STEM fields to children at an early age."

Katherine Chi

About Tutoring Nico

"I’ve had the phenomenal opportunity to tutor for American Dream Clean since September 2016.  My star student’s name is Nico. Nico was once an at-risk student after losing her toddler brother to a tragic accident and having both of her parents incarcerated. She and her sister were then adopted by their uncle--American Dream Clean employee Tim Sanchez--and aunt and now reside with their two cousins. Nico was initially shy in class and quiet during our initial tutoring sessions. Her educators were concerned for how slowly she had been completing her tests, noting that the issue was a lack of confidence rather than proficiency.


Since September, Nico has flourished in the second grade and is an excellent student both in and outside of the classroom. Her teachers speak highly of her. She was the Student of the Month in March and is continuously featured on the Homework Hall of Fame. She is focused, kind, attentive, and driven. Nico is always ecstatic to tell me about her day and the exciting new concepts she is grasping in class. In many ways, Nico has taught me in return. Her love of learning always revitalizes me after a long day of college classes and reminds me of the intrinsic importance of my education. It also delights me to send care packages to Nico to share with her sister and her cousins by including fun science kits, toys, and activity workbooks."

Tutoring Nico

Reflections on American Dream Clean

On American Dream Clean

"American Dream Clean has been a progressive platform to diminish the achievement gap in today’s education. It’s been a great, convenient way for both me as the tutor to give back to my community and the parents and guardians involved in their children’s learning development. It’s also reassuring that JP has always been accessible to speak with and accommodating for any concerns. I have been incredibly happy with my experience at American Dream Clean."

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