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We like to highlight the everyday heroes who are making incredibly positive change in lives of our employee's children. Alana Luzzio is recent college graduate who has worked with Kiki, the daughter of one of our employees. Alana has had an exceptional impact for Kiki and we hope you'll learn more about their inspiring story:

Alana Luzzio Summary
Alana Luzzio Bowdoin Orient Article

... Inspired by the company’s mission, Alana Luzzio ’17, decided to become a tutor with American Dream Clean ... Luzzio spends time each week not only working closely with her students but also creating lessons plans and curriculums to best guide them towards success. She focuses on being able to connect with her students on a personal level.“I tutor once a week usually for an hour or an hour and half, but I always tell them if they need me they can text me, and I’m available anytime,” said Luzzio. “I’ll always pick up the phone.”

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