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American Dream Clean - Janitorial Services
American Dream Clean - Janitorial Service

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Education Mission
Education Mission

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"The Drive," a HAN Network talk show with local Connecticut business and civic leaders, invited American Dream Clean CEO JP Hernandez to discuss the company's commitment to doing outstanding janitorial service and simultaneously "closing the achievement gap in Connecticut ... helping his employees send their children to college."


What a thrill to share American Dream Clean with a wide audience across Connecticut! "The Drive" gave us an opportunity to talk about why a "mission-driven janitorial service" like American Dream Clean has fundamental advantages to outperform conventional cleaning firms. It also gave us an opportunity to reflect on the beneficial impact we're having for our employees, their families, and the broader community. Last but not least, we had an opportunity to express our gratitude to our incredible clients--the Connecticut Food Bank, Regional Water Authority, University of New Haven, et al.--with whom we've built meaningful relationships that not only service their janitorial needs exceptionally but also align their dollars with their values. Please check out our interview on "The Drive."

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