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Hands down the most rewarding thing we get to do at American Dream Clean is help our employees feel secure about their “today” (through a good job, etc.) and optimistic they’ll have a bright “tomorrow.”


The way we create that sense of a bright tomorrow is primarily through our education programming, which provides resources that help our employees’ kids stay on track for college/career. That support has to be holistic and not just about driving up grades and test scores.


Tina and her family are a wonderful example. Tina does great work for us and our clients; we’re lucky to have her. She’d been struggling with housing for her family for several months, and we got involved to advocate, support, and ensure Tina and her family had a housing in an excellent community with good schools. We’re looking forward to having our tutors/mentors start to work with Tina’s kids to propel them academically and beyond.


We were lucky to be a part of Tina’s move-in day and to share the joy with her and her family.

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