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Human beings have an innate drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives. - Dan Pink

We hope you will appreciate the impact we make when it comes to our ability to elicit exceptional employee engagement. This is our greatest competitive edge. 


The Job --> Career --> Calling framework is central to understanding employee engagement. Simply put, a Job is something you do to survive and to meet your basic needs. You would leave a job immediately but for the paycheck. In a Career, you have a progression to more prestigious work, though it is not always fulfilling work beyond the external rewards. In contrast, if you have a Calling, your work is an integral part of your life and essential to your self-actualization. 

Workers in conventional cleaning firms have a Job. With 300% annual industry turnover in frontline cleaning roles, clearly workers remain employed only briefly to earn pay.


In stark positive contrast, we know American Dream Clean workers have a Calling. First, we have greater employee retention. We have no undesired attrition--once we identify a quality person, they remain with us, and produce exceptional work. Second, our employees' reflections reveal that they have a Calling: "I love working for American Dream Clean. It's more than a cleaning company. I think I'd like to work with them forever! At other cleaning companies ... it's just a job. You go in, do your work, and get a paycheck and that's it."

"I love working for American Dream Clean."

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