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American Dream Clean - Business
American Dream Clean - Business

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Education Mission

Education Mission
Education Mission

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Program Partner of the Year Award

Let's look at the exceptional results we've produced via DSDA & Avangrid? Take note of the elite training American Dream Clean received; the vetting we've undergone that ensures you're selecting a supreme cleaning company; and the accolades of Avangrid that we've received.


The Diverse Supplier Development Academy (DSDA) is sponsored by Avangrid, Travelers Insurance, and Eversource with the goal of enabling high potential certified diverse/minority-owned businesses to grow and scale. 


DSDA Curriculum

American Dream Clean participated in intensive MBA-type coursework delivered by industry experts, including Avangrid and other sponsoring firms. Avangrid’s own best people rigorously evaluated and identified ADC for exceptional performance and potential!

DSDA Curriculum

Megan Murphy

Megan spearheaded the DSDA program and gained unique insight into American Dream Clean's strategy, operations, and people. She enthusiastically endorses the firm: "you've got a great company with lots of potential ... I'm happy to recommend you to Avangrid."

Megan Murphy, Senior Buyer

High Performance & Potential

What enormous advantages you have in selecting ADC! Avangrid’s own staff and program have: 1) trained and developed ADC to the highest business and leadership standard; and 2) achieved unique insight into the character and strengths of ADC leadership through the intensive and small/one-on-one coursework. 


You couldn’t be in a better position to partner with an organization you can be certain will deliver and meet your standards!

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