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Whoever said you can't have it all never knew American Dream Clean...

American Dream Clean: A Better Way...

Cost & Quality in Janitorial Service
  • Before American Dream Clean, buyers of janitorial services couldn't have it all. They had to make trade-offs in price and quality, and usually ended up not spending a lot but also not getting a lot...

  • That's because the typical janitorial firm has roughly 300% annual turnover and no answer for untrained, disengaged workers producing ho-hum results.                   

  • Buyers shouldn't be tricked by trivial purported advantages in one firm's technology or process. That's marginal stuff. The real value in a cleaning business is in the front-line cleaning people, and the average janitorial firm (300% annual turnover) can only deliver to a low standard for customers.   

  • American Dream Clean has exceptional and engaged people, which moves customers into a higher tier of quality while keeping costs competitive.

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