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American Dream Clean was selected to provide cleaning services for the Connecticut Food Bank at its new “crown jewel” 84,000 square foot headquarters. We were selected for competitive pricing, exceptional service, and strategic fit—i.e., our unique ability to magnify the Connecticut Food Bank’s impact in the community. We sat down with COO Paul O’Leary to get his reflections on how American Dream Clean has measured up to those high expectations, and as you’ll see Paul has been delighted.


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Paul highlighted that American Dream Clean offers a superior value, while at the same time the “value system of American Dream Clean … overlaying the benefits to the employees and society—how there could be value in that above and beyond just the cleaning service is very important to us.


Furthermore, Paul talked about specific examples of American Dream Clean delivering superior service as the Connecticut Food Bank transitioned into their new building and highlighted the sustained excellent service and responsiveness since then:


Paul's reflections include that working with American Dream Clean created whole new sources of value and differentiation for the Connecticut Food Bank. Since American Dream Clean employees receive support to ensure their children can go to college, the Connecticut Food Bank's partnership with American Dream Clean reinforce their role as a quality organization doing good work in the community, which ultimately helps them win with their donors and stakeholders.


Other cleaning companies just clean the building and go home, but a partnership with American Dream Clean burnishes the reputation and values of our clients while also enabling us to work together in making a huge positive difference in the communities in which we operate.


It's important to connect Paul's positive appraisal to what's driving such good results: our commitment to our employees and their families enables us to attract and retain the best people who work with blood, sweat, and tears.


One of our employees who cleans at the Connecticut Food Bank is Taichi Thomas. We’ve provided educational resources that are creating a viable path to college for her daughter, who until our interventions faced some bleak odds of academic and future/professional success. We encourage to listen to Taichi’s reflections on her experiences working with American Dream Clean and how much she appreciates the partnership we’ve forged with her and her family


To beat a mission-driven cleaning firms like American Dream Clean, conventional cleaners must find people who are not only more talented than Taichi (she’s as good as it gets), but also people who are going to be more devoted to and hardworking in their jobs. Good luck!

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