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American Dream Clean - Business
American Dream Clean - Business

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Conventional Cleaning Companies Offer Buyers Unsatisfactory Options


Janitorial service customers should closely examine and reconsider their choices. Most fall within the bottom left quadrant when making a janitorial purchase--they don't pay a lot but they also don't get a lot. American Dream Clean is the solution, offering radically great quality while maintaining a reasonable cost profile for our customers. As a result, American Dream Clean is clearly the best overall value.


American Dream Clean transcends the limits of conventional cleaning models and the odious trade-offs buyers face! 


Frontline cleaning staff is the greatest determinant of cleaning quality, and conventional cleaning firms struggle to attract and retain good people (300% annual attrition). With a disengaged, transient workforce, conventional cleaning companies simply don't have any way to deliver consistently high quality at a reasonable price.


American Dream Clean's mission-driven model invests in our employees and their families. Our workers don't just have a job they have a long-term calling and work with blood, sweat, and tears to do a great job for our customers. The net result is our customers experience dramatic gains in the excellence of their cleaning while holding prices low. It's like getting a Ferrari for the price of a Ford, like paying Red Roof Inn prices to stay at the Ritz, etc. 

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