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American Dream Clean - Business

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The conventional wisdom says that business should stick to maximizing profits for its owners and not worry about its broader consequences on society--diverting resources to these causes harms the bottom-line. If there's a societal problem that needs solving, so goes the conventional thinking, leave it to an NGO or government to solve.


That line of reasoning has proven to be staggeringly misguided. There is perhaps no greater capitalist luminary to "see the light" and who has since become a vocal advocate for business weaving together profit & purpose than renowned Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. His talk below debunks the conventional wisdom and sets up the conceptual foundations for understanding that business is better when it is purpose-driven:

Moreover, the financial returns of purpose-driven firms have been jaw-dropping. As shown in Firms of Endearment, these purpose-driven firms outperform the S&P 500 companies over a 15 year period by a factor of 14:1, and the cohort of firms chronicled in Jim Collins's famous work Good to Great were also vastly outperformed.

Firms of Endearment Financial Performance
Firms of Endearment Returns
American Dream Clean has been engineered in harmony with these principles, which has been vital to our success. We would love to share more about the rise of socially conscious business and why American Dream Clean might be good fit for you!
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